How To Heal Your Acne, Reclaim Your Health And Feel Amazing Every Single Day Of Your Life!

Do you want to clear your acne and regain your health?

Has your skin become worse on what you thought was a healthy diet?

It’s so frustrating, I know!

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Acne sucks.

It takes the life out of you and destroys your self esteem.

I personally spent over five years of my life chasing answers on how to clear my skin while reclaiming my health.

A ‘healthy’ diet didn’t work.

Antibiotics and other symptom ‘treatments’ worked temporarily but destroyed my health from the inside out.

A paleo diet completely failed me.

A ‘healthy’ vegan diet took me backwards.

A high fat raw vegan diet gave me glimpses of potential.

An 80/10/10 fruit-based diet left me feeling pretty good but the skin just wasn’t healing.

A fruit-based diet tailored to my body was the solution.

The Fruit Solution.

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Hi, I’m Lachlan Walden and I almost let acne take my life. Lachlan Walden

When nothing seems to work, persistent acne is just about the most frustrating thing in the world.

I know what it’s like to wake up every morning, look in the mirror, and immediately feel depressed.

Yet today, I am the healthiest I have ever been and am thriving on a fruit-based lifestyle.

So, how have I cleared my skin and regained my health?

Through extensive personal research, experimentation, observation and implementation.

I am sharing everything I know and am getting results with through The Fruit Solution.Thin blue line

Most people who go vegan will experience acne.

For the lucky few, it will be a temporary detox lasting just a few weeks, but for many others it will be an unresolved new paradigm that simply doesn’t go away.

Whether we like it or not our face is perhaps the most important thing we present to the world.

It defines us.

So it’s very unfair that those who choose a vegan diet — healthier than a standard meat, dairy and egg laden diet — are often delivered a face full of acne. 

The Fruit Solution was born out of a need to communicate how it is possible for everyone to clear their skin on a healthy vegan diet.

It’s the only comprehensive guide to healing your skin with a fruit-based diet.

Perhaps you feel like giving up on ever clearing your acne?

I felt like this, many times over.

I know what it’s like to feel as if you have tried absolutely everything and that nothing will work for you.

Some get great results almost immediately after going vegan or even just after eliminating dairy.

I was not one of them and chances are you aren’t either!

It takes a sophisticated, holistic health approach to cure acne from the bottom up on a vegan diet.

Ultimately, symptom orientated treatments destroy your health and often stop masking acne symptoms after a while anyway.

This is where The Fruit Solution is different.

The Fruit Solution outlines how absolutely everyone can clear their acne on a healthy vegan diet: no exceptions! 

It has the answers to all your acne issues in an easy to implement way.

The Fruit Solution is for those who are desperate for a holistic acne solution that will build up —  rather than degrade —  your level of health and vitality.

So, what exactly is in the book?

The Fruit Solution_Lachlan Walden

Chapter one comprehensively explains just how acne fits in with health and why elimination through the skin occurs when our diet and/or lifestyle is suboptimal.

In chapter two, a case is presented for why fruit is optimal for clearing acne and rebuilding health.

Chapter three outlines why alternative diets won’t deliver the same health results.

The foundations of The Fruit Solution diet are presented in chapter four.

Chapter five provides information about incorporating selected cooked foods without compromising results.

Mechanisms to refine The Fruit Solution protocol so you get results are discussed in chapter six.

Chapter seven outlines broader non-dietary lifestyle habits for clear skin.

In chapter eight, the average, reasonable time period for clearing acne with The Fruit Solution is discussed.

‘Shortcuts’ to clear skin such as juicing and fasting are evaluated in chapter nine.

Chapter ten discusses the importance — or lack of — for supplementation.

My personal acne and broader health story, bringing together much of the material presented in The Fruit Solution, is presented at the end.

In The Fruit Solution, you will learn:

✅ What really causes acne (see page 8) 

✅ Why optimal health doesn’t allow for acne (see page 8)

✅ Why our genetics are irrelevant to health outcomes (see page 9)

✅ Why a suboptimal diet will always deliver suboptimal results (see page 10)

✅ The role of nutrient deficiencies in acne (see page 11)

✅ How hormonal imbalances cause acne (see page 14)

✅ The nine fundamental reasons fruit will heal your acne (see chapter 2)

✅ Why the ‘Raw Till 4‘ diet will almost always cause skin issues (see page 23)

✅ The fundamental weakness of the ‘starch solution‘ diet (see page 24)

✅ What’s included in The Fruit Solution diet (see page 27)

✅ All the inflammatory suboptimal foods that will generally cause acne: what’s excluded in The Fruit Solution diet (see page 28)

✅ The merits of grazing versus meals (see page 29)

✅ How to ensure nutritional sufficiency on a fruit-based diet: the exact fruits to focus on (see page 31)

✅ Top tips to keep The Fruit Solution program affordable (see page 31)

✅ Why most cooked foods will cause acne (see page 34)

✅ The two best cooked foods for acne free skin (see page 35)

✅ How some fruits cause acne for many people (see page 38)

✅ Exactly how to determine which fruits cause you acne (see page 38)

✅ A table of almost all fruits ranked based on their likelihood of causing acne, including the fruits least likely to cause acne and most likely to cause acne (see page 39)

✅ How to buy citrus that is less likely to cause acne (see page 40)

✅ Everything you need to know about the omega 3-6 ratio (see page 41)

✅ Exactly why chia and flax seeds aren’t a good source of omega 3s and how they will cause acne in many individuals (see page 41) 

✅ The guaranteed 60 day healing approach to fast track results (see page 42)

✅ The optimal fat level for healing acne (see page 43)

✅ What you need to know about organic versus conventional produce (see page 44)

✅ Why ‘melon belly‘ may cause acne and the three steps to avoid it completely (see page 45)

✅ The daily practice that will improve your life forever (see page 50)

✅ The role of exercise in acne and whether activities such as Bikram yoga are good for acne (see page 51)

✅ How to best transition to using no skin products whatsoever (see page 54)

✅ A detailed model day in the life on The Fruit Solution program (see page 55)

✅ How long does healing take? (see page 56)

✅ How to keep going during intense periods of detox (see page 57)

✅ Acne and weight loss: the connection (see page 59)

✅ Why juicing isn’t recommended for clearing acne (see page 61)

✅ How to blend foods for optimal digestion and cellular absorption (see page 62)

✅ Intermittent fasting and acne (see page 62)

✅ Why you shouldn’t water fast if you want to heal your acne and keep it clear over the long-term (see page 63)

✅ The shocking truth about dry fasting to heal your skin (see page 65)

✅ Enemas are good for treating acne? (see page 65)

✅ The truth about parasites causing acne (see page 66)

✅ What you need to know about fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kombucha (see page 68)

✅ The merits of ‘oil pulling(see page 68)

✅ Everything you need to know about blood testing (see page 69)

✅ Why B12 can cause acne and how to supplement without it causing breakouts (see page 70)

✅ Learn if iodine supplementation can cause acne (see page 71)

✅ Despite zinc being important for clear skin, reasons why you shouldn’t supplement (see page 72)

✅ Vitamin K2: crucial or unnecessary? (see page 73)

✅ Why it’s a good idea to try supplementing with chromium (page 73)

Three fundamental reasons why The Fruit Solution is unique!

If you’re wondering what makes this program on acne different, consider this: 

1. It will actually heal your acne!

2. It won’t destroy your health!

3. It will restore your health and you will feel amazing!

The material is not a summary of information already in the public domain, it’s highly unique and high value content unavailable elsewhere that will clear your skin!

How much is clear skin worth to you?

You’ve probably tried many acne treatments before.

Even though they didn’t work, they were probably super expensive!

Unlike other acne ‘treatments’ such as topicals, drugs and dermatologist visits, which are expensive and recurring, The Fruit Solution is simply a one-off investment in your health and wellbeing for the rest of your life!

The Fruit Solution_Lachlan Walden

You risk absolutely nothing!

60 Day Guarantee

Purchase The Fruit Solution and take as long as 60 days to try out the program.

You have to be fully satisfied with the value you get! 

If you don’t think this is the very best program you’ve ever seen about acne, and do not feel it is worth at least its purchase price, simply contact me and I’d be more than happy to refund you 100% of what you’ve paid.

No questions are needed or asked.

So give it a fair try!

You risk nothing by getting started now! 

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Why wait to get started?

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You don’t have to wait to read this book, because it is available to you as an instantly downloadable ebook, in a universal, PDF format.

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If you work through The Fruit Solution and follow through by taking action to implement the system, you will attract results.

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Yours in optimal health and clear skin,

Lachlan Walden

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Take action for your health now!

Make sure you save yourself years of effort and frustration by reading The Fruit Solution.

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Clear skin.

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Don’t miss the chance to receive the unique information communicated in The Fruit Solution.

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